I've Been Freelancing For A Few Years. How Can Your Platform Help Me?

Role descriptions and avenues within the ClearVoice platform for experienced Freelancers

If you're established as a freelance writer and have worked for a number of clients over the past few years, you're likely a perfect candidate for long-term work and success with ClearVoice. 

There are a range of avenues you can take within the ClearVoice platform to propel your freelancing career and grow your book of clients. Depending on your specialty, it may be worth creating a portfolio that directly aligns with the role you are looking to provide. Keep in mind, previous experience in higher specialty roles like content strategy and design will require proven credibility that is directly shown on your portfolio. Here are just some of the roles current freelance talent is taking on within the network. 

Freelance Writer

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Our writer category is the largest of the roles talent will take on with ClearVoice. This is many times the early stomping grounds for incoming talent to further prove their CV credibility. If you are a writer in the network, be sure your portfolio is up to date and relevant to the work you’re looking to provide.

Freelance Content Strategist

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Sometimes clients will seek professionals who can provide content ideation for their brand. This could be anything from social strategy and article pitching, to brand development or rebranding. If you are mainly interested in strategy work, be sure your portfolio reflects as such. 

Freelance Editor

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Editing in the ClearVoice platform is a quick way to establish relationships with our internal team as well as other freelancers in the network. If you’re interested and asked to take on an editing role, this will encompass everything an editor may be responsible for. Direct copy edits, development of a piece, and quality assurance are all points of emphasis with this role.

We’d ideally like to have seen some direct writing work in the platform from incoming editors. Proving your ability to be timely and professional is something a few written pieces will directly showcase. If you are interested in editing work, be sure your portfolio reflects as such. 

Freelance Managing Editor

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Our Managing Editor role is a highly valued role from our internal team. We rely on Managing Editors to help maintain the success of quality content production as well as overall project management. 

We want to be sure clients are in good hands with incoming Managing Editors. Longevity in the platform, consistent quality work, and high communication are all internal metrics when reviewing who might be best suited to handle this work. If you are interested in Managing Editor work, be sure your portfolio reflects as such.

Other Roles

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We have an assortment of miscellaneous content roles and we’re always looking for eager and qualified individuals to take them on. Design, voiceover, and photography are just some of the roles that your CV portfolio supports. Make sure you are articulating what it is you’d like to provide outward to clients in order to receive the most relevant work.

If you are experienced with any of the roles above and believe ClearVoice would be a great fit for you, never hesitate to reach out to support@clearvoice.com and give us your two cents!